Back to the Torture

The Brain Trust (I like that phrase because it has as many syllables as "Boneheads") at my Internet Service Provider decided to do a daylight maintenance upgrade Monday without alerting their customers in advance. So, as the fiasco evolved, I lost a day's work online, including some totally marvelous new comedy material (Oh, it was the niftiest hilarity one might ever hope to frolic hither amongst! Imagine laughter and lilacs!).

Plus, I lost major chunks of my temper.

It seems my DSL modem was fine at 6:10 p.m. Forever obsolete at 6:11. All without warning.

After hours of trying this and that and conferring with Technical Support, I managed to get online via an old-fashioned and less than quaint dial-up connection.

Zzzzzzzzzz and grrrrrrrrrr...

At the moment, I'm surfing at a sizzling 26.4 Kbps. I could knit a Web page faster than they appear.

It's the freakin' Stone Age.

Hey, I'd better quit writing before my blood pressure soars over 100 Mbps.

Besides, I need to get back to the instant message chat I'm having with Betty Rubble.

She's actually pretty fast texting with that mallet and chisel.

1 comment:

Jorge said...

I feel your pain. And wonder how you met Betty...

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