Bread Pit

Twenty-four years of marriage. Actual conversation:
Donna: I need to find me a business.

Mike: I told you: Biscuits.

Donna: A biscuit shop?

Mike: Yes.

Donna: I don't know how to make biscuits.

Mike: Ask Morty.

Donna: He's a cat.

Mike: Watch him knead. He's making biscuits.

Donna: I don't think so--

Mike: All you need to know are, two things:

(dramatic pause)

Biscuits ...

Donna: And?

Mike: "Soppin's." "Soppin's" is the magic word. Throw around a bunch of "soppin's" and you're a millionaire.

Donna: You're crazy.

Mike: "Would you like some more soppin's, darlin'? Eight dollars."

Donna: *sigh*

Mike: We'll be rich, I tell ya. What can we sop?

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