Which Peanuts Character Are You?

I woke up wondering that today.

Yesterday, I woke up wondering Which Ankle Bracelet of Suzanne Pleshette Am I?

I could find nothing about her drumsticks on the Internet. The Internet stinks. Except for the naked pictures of dipping sauce.

And that Ask Jeeves butler. He's pretty cool, but when I asked him "What makes you jiggy, Jeevesy?" he asked me to "leave, milord, and never come back, mac daddy."

Charlie BrownI located a "Which Peanuts Character Are You?" examination over at Quizilla.

Good grief, I'm Charlie Brown. I was hoping to be Pigpen. He only did the strip once every three years and then he was an extra.

Sounds like my dates before I got married.

The quiz results tell me:
"You are a world weary person who just can't relax and have a good time."
There's some truth. There was that all-nite Twister party at the U.N. and I had heavy starch in my pajamas.
"You even hide your happiness beneath a mask of cynicism."
That's a Smuckers moustache and it spread.

We save a lot on flypaper.
"People like you a lot more than you realize..."
You haven't seen the stats for this Web site. The dang hit counter doesn't even come in to work anymore.
"So lighten up and enjoy life before it's too late!"
Actually, I lightened up this afternoon. Party animal that I am, I washed the baby blue flannel sheets we keep on the bed year round. I love those sheets. I look forward to snuggling in my warm, cozy--

Rats, I've turned into Linus.

But, after all, I guess I am Charlie Brown. I'm married to a little redheaded girl and I'm not very good at sports. I've also been wearing the same shirt for 50 years.


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