100 Things About Me #114

Mike 'n Kin's Island
Well, knit me a red shirt and call me Gilligan!

(Hmm. For some reason, I remember Dad answering to the name "Lovey Howell.")

From the looks of that diaper, I'm on a three-hour sewer.

Actually, this photograph of mini me, teetering at the edge of the Isle of Palms, was snapped years before the premiere of "Gilligan's Island." I am not posing as Bob Denver.

My factory-installed innie navel is posing as the famous sinkhole Big Bone Lick, Ohio.

Oddly enough, it perennially fails to gain me finalist status on "America's Got Talent."

The hat explains bundles, especially my recurring nightmares of being trapped inside a Jiffy Pop.

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