Raisin Hell

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Ewww. People buy this stuff? Carrot and raisin salad?

At school, if we weren't fortunate enough to brown bag lunches from home, we were subjected to the lackadaisical sorceries of the cafeteria staff, which meant we were force-fed the never-ending stream of carrot and raisin salads.

Gross, man, wasn't hip, nor groovy. Just tepid mayonnaise with carrot shavings and rabbity raisins.

In my senior class alone, we had nine boys hold up liquor stores and gas stations to go eat better in prison. One brought his own fork to the line-up, with a signed confession and a drool cup.

On special occasions, the school dietitian sent down orders to prepare the glop backwards. We'd have that new taste sensation: raisin and carrot salad!

Our taste buds did The Twist and The Hully Gully on those days and then it was back to carrots and raisins. Our taste buds went over and sat in the corner because no one asked them to dance.

I haven't touched either recipe since I graduated from high school. It's been decade after decade of uninterrupted bliss, sidestepping carrot and raisin salads.

I figure I need to live and abstain another 6,793 years to have eaten my statistical fair share.

And don't get me started on the beagle pudding....

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Scooby-Doo Tooth Goo

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Hey, kids! Clean your teeth after every meal, including Scooby snacks, slurping haunches, and biting fleas!

It's easy! Here's bow-wow how!

1. Brush.
2. Rinse.
3. Don't let potty seat fall on head.

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DenturesBob SnaggleTeeth

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I'm a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants, but, c'mon, is this the must-have smile to be recommending a toothpaste?

The guy's a can opener.

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Hard to Swallow

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Fear Factor Pop-ups
Gee, what'll it be? The "Fear Factor" Pop-ups? Or "The View" Repugnant Dishes?

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Chomp and Circumstance

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Although Popeye and I currently attend anger management sessions, visit lambkin petting zoos, and hum calming mantras towards a weird beard on an Alp, my recent little spinach incident hasn't tarnished my gratification in discovering such an attractive product.

To be honest, I'm not maximum keen on spinach, but I do like squeezy foods I can eat like this:

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Food for Naught

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Maybe it's my background in the theatre business, but when I see brightly lit signs boasting "GRAND OPENING BANANAS" or "GRAND OPENING RIBEYE STEAKS," stop right there. I'm in and expecting quite a show. I'm expecting celebrities.

I went into that store to be tickled and enthralled by guys and dolls in ostentatious banana suits and magnificent ribeye steak suits.

Or, at least, a Carmen Miranda tribute band. Something.

Sadly, I was disappointed.

Perhaps, I had read the signs wrong.

I went straight to the produce department. The bananas opened the standard way. There was no new haughty method to enter the bananas I could determine.

Well, based on a half dozen attempts, there wasn't.

Then, up the aisle to the meat morgue. I saw not one ribeye steak with a spectacular gaping maw.

The phrase "grand opening" is tossed around frivolously these days or so it seems. What has happened to our culture?

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Super-Duper Market

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It took nearly one year from the day our small town's ghost Wal-Mart was demolished until the opening of a beautiful new grocery showplace on the same spot. We are thrilled with the fine accomplishment and amenities, plus the quality and selection of our future tummy fulls.

And YESSS!! They've got crap!

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Charity Begins at Dome

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I bought some Bald Guyz Head Wipes.

I found 11 out of 16 bare-skinned bubs didn't appreciate the refreshing, random acts of polish.

Several guyz were up front scrappy and knocked over the stepladder.

Lord, give me strength to continue my good work.

Now with a hint of Linalool!

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Dairy Mean

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Leaving the Emergency Room, The Wife® chauffeured me and Swee'Pea to get ice cream, but it took forever.

We pulled into the drive-thru behind a dog -- in the Jeep!

That was ironic, considering I was recovering from a Popeye moment and Popeye the Sailor has his magical dog-like pal named The Jeep.

To make matters worse, after what seemed like an hour of waiting and woofs, the window attendant with the animated arm hand-fed Man's Best Freeloader ice cream!

A Gravy Train Sundae with Moist and Meaty sprinkles, I'm betting, or an Eukanuba Puppy Weaning Parfait.

Hmmph. I got no free ice cream. No valet feeding. No puppet show. Nothing. Not even a "Good boy" or "Howsa fella?"

Then, Donna drove me back to the hospital for my shots and the tick bath.

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Strong to the Finish

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I admit I do get testy on long shopping forages and this current one seems like it has lasted weeks.

When I fail to get satisfaction, watch out!

Mike and Popeye Spinach

The photograph -- my shirt changed for the complementary colors and, of course, the ladies -- shows me brandishing Popeye Spinach mere seconds after I discovered the grocery store didn't stock Olive Oyl Oil, Wimpy Fixin's, or Bluto Nuclear Beans.

Pushed far beyond my distant outer limits of genial good-naturedness, I gulped down a shelf of spinach to boost my jumbo strength to one muscle bulge past infinity.

Buffed, I entered into an epic fistfight with the Manager, the Bagger, and a Chip and Dip Samples Hostess over near the luncheon meats with cheddar specks.

I almost won, too, but was carried out after passing a kidney stone the size of Swee'Pea.

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The Circle of Wife

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Donna was interested in buying toe rings, but I put my foot down.

She could get one, not me.

I wanted something manly, bold, like a full set of turtleneck toe dickeys.

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Fedora Me

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I had my mind set on a Hip, Hot & Happenin' Hat, but I couldn't locate one in my size.

I have a Huge, Humid & Humiliatin' Head.

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Feed Me

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Next stop on our grand shopping riot, refreshments!

My wife cut a Tic-Tac in half, doggy-bagging the leftover for "tomorrow's lunch."

I stupor-sized an Oleomargarine Smoothie.

When I regained consciousness, we went looking for more high fashion accessories.

"And," I said, "I might get me some of them defibrillator paddles."

"Stat!" yelled Donna.

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I Stand Corrected

Continued From: "Ear Here," part of a thread starting with "Cents and Sensibility."

Chick'n Jerky Dingo is NOT the sequel to "Beach Blanket Bingo."

My apologies for any inconvenience I may have caused.

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Ear Here

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Candy Ear Waxcotton swab

Shopping isn't easy. Candy Ear Wax was hard to find, until I used a cotton candy swab as a divining rod.

"I Stand Corrected"


Whiffy Pop

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As I selected a package of microwave popcorn off the grocer's shelf, a messenger in a bellhop's cap zipped into my frame of vision, handing me a print-out from the Associated Press.

I tipped him a coupon worth a quarter and he whooshed away.

I read:

"Consumers, not just factory workers, may be in danger from fumes from buttery flavoring in microwave popcorn, according to a warning letter to federal regulators from a doctor at a leading lung research hospital ... [referring] to a potentially fatal disease commonly called popcorn lung that has been the subject of lawsuits by hundreds of workers at food factories exposed to chemicals used for flavoring."

I'd been concerned about the fat and salt content in popcorn, but didn't know of this shocking development. Fortunately, we eat healthy and wise, which means microwaving plain, organic kernels only.

I'm not a fan of the imitation taste, preferring to melt and add three or four tubs of butter to a bowl myself.

Sometimes I'll just munch on a stick of butter and forget popcorn all together.

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Disney Bites

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Shopping for morsels for our Morty, we noticed Disney has devised another way to squeeze a buck. The company is marketing its own celebrities' endorsed pet chows.

Yum, That Darn Cat food to make kitties mischievous and Old Yeller dog cuisine to ensure a pup thrives until his excruciatingly emotional demise, I reckon.

Hey, Walt Vault, don't forget us humans!

How about Beauty and the Feasts, Seven Dwarfs Seven-Course Dinners (snack size, of course), Flavored Flubber (The Goo That Chews), Swiss Cheese Family Robinson, and Dumbo Gumbo?

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In the critter aisle at the supermarket, dogs and cats rule, but those treats for your pet mouse and pet fly really suck.

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Sometimes, while shopping, I wish I had a dog, so I could experience a world with cute treats like Vanilla Woofers, Pup-Peroni, Yummy Chummies, or Snausages Fortune Snookies.

But I come to my senses, telling myself to grow up and act my age.

Mature and dignified, I adjust my velveteen cravat and contempo monocle, as I push the handcart of Yikes! and Eeeks! to check-out for kitty.



Boogie Like an Egyptian

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New Testament on Audio CD
There were no "Old Testament" CDs for sale. What a disappointment. I'm a big fan of the Moses-gown Sound.

All those songs, Smokey Merneptah and the Miracles, great.

And, of course, my favorite "Old Testament" solid gold, "Li'l Red Riding Hood" and "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs.

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Scratch 'n' Spiff

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Garfield Hand Sanitizer
For That Cat Box Paw-Lickin' Freshness!

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With Love One the You're

Continued From: "Oompah-pah Pah Pants and Oo La La!," part of a thread starting with "Cents and Sensibility."

I'm not sure what this gadget is, but I just had to have one. I think it's some sort of birth control device for dyslexics.

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