Big Weekend

Big weekend, anticipating "Hatfields & McCoys."

Spent hours in the chair having my hillbilly beard fleaed.


Big Weekend

Big weekend, watching SUMMERTIME (1955) to entice summertime 2012.

"Summertime" (1955) Movie Trailer via YouTube

We liked this movie, but I was creeped the show was written for Shirley Booth. Director David Lean hired Katharine Hepburn instead.

Makes me ache for Kate as Hazel, chasing Mr. B. and Bobby Buntrock with a spatula.

 "Hazel" (1961-65) Opening Titles via YouTube


Big Weekend

Big weekend, I liked "The Three Stooges" (2012) movie.

That was an amazing surprise response to myself and bonk mallet, but the more stunning news is my wife liked the picture, too.

And she's a girl!

 I think that's against nature.

There was one thing about "The Three Stooges" I found appalling.

No pies.

No pie fight.

Not even a cupcake snit or a crème pâtissière bludgeoning.

I think that's against nurture.

I guess the studio is saving pies for a sequel. The Moe must go on....



Cat photos: Where's Morty?

Morty is in the penthouse.

"Thank Dad, it's Friday!" he mewed. 

He's working for the weekend, when he can kick back and take a break from the incessant napping.



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Dawn. First dumpster of coffee of the day. Pinkie out. Single teacakes pallet. Reducing...

We never know what will appear in our forest, especially after sundown. I just saw three Fess Parker hats strolling up the driveway.

It is a shame I do not fly. I enjoy a good travel nightmare.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant which cooks the food in wine sauce. Dagnabbit! Cop pulled me over. Breathalyzer level: "Quesadilla."

Watched BEST FOOT FORWARD (1943), Lucille Ball's 1st film as a redhead. She plays herself and, as in private life, sings w/her voice dubbed.

My self-directed continuing education paid off today. Reading the 1950 BEETLE BAILEY comic strips, I learned of his kid brother, Chigger!

I see a local restaurant is advertising a Seafood Festival. I'll go for the rides and I collect kewpie dolls with gill slits.
The cap to the quart of oil I added to my car fell into the oil tank, unfetchable! So far, no Molten Glob of Plastic light on the dashboard.

Yipe! My nightmare was so-so, but competently directed by the ghost of Norman Taurog. Stock footage from DR. GOLDFOOT & THE BIKINI MACHINE.

Reading Louisa May Alcott's THIN MINTS.

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