Big Weekend

Big weekend, screening "Citizen Kane." A 70th anniversary 35mm showing of Orson Welles' landmark production was presented at the Fox in Atlanta.

While "Kane" is not my favorite movie ("Rear Window") due to this lanky lad's nifty tastes and adorable peccadilloes, it's near the top of the list -- yet, I do certainly recognize the enterprise as the greatest film ever made. I'm not alone in the assessment either. Vast numbers of critics, historians, and buffs around the globe have long agreed to the drama's supreme perch in the cinematic firmament.

"Citizen Kane" was also cartoonist Charles Schulz' favorite motion picture, viewing it time and time again. An unexpected mention immediately catapulted the following entry to my fave strip in the entire 50-year run of "Peanuts." Happiness is a Charles Foster Kane.

Spoiler Alert!

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I Got Nuthin'

Consolation Video: The Cleverlys: "Walk Like an Egyptian" via YouTube

Thanks to Alan Kaye and Charlotte Nixon Taylor, whom I walk like.


Big Weekend

Big weekend, "On Golden Pond."

When I saw the show in 1981, the story was about old people.

Now, the characters seem a lot more youthful.

The next time, I guess I'll be saying, "Who are these darn fool kids?"


Too Nutty: 'My Ding-a-ling' and 'My Toot Toot'

Friend Susan mentioned on Facebook that her teenagers didn't know whether to believe their mother when she said she used to listen to the songs "My Ding-a-ling" and "(Don't Mess With) My Toot Toot" on the radio.

Yeah, kids, it happened, way back in the olden times, between beating clothes on a rock and toting parasols under Pterodactyls.

Here comes the proof.

Chuck Berry: "My Ding-a-ling" (1972) via YouTube

I posted this comment to the discussion:

I was a DJ on WIIN-97 in Atlanta in 1973-74 when MY DING-A-LING was released. We played it every 90 minutes or so, while other radio stations would not. We took some heat for doing it, too, and worried about having our FCC license pulled. I don't recall the toot toot song, although mine can be quite the symphony.

Rockin' Sidney: "My Toot Toot" (1985) via YouTube



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My Recent Confessions and Observations on Twitter:

Large Marge sent me.

My doctor has FORBIDDEN me from high impact activities "like jogging on pavement or jumping out of airplanes." Darn the luck!

I fear the Whitman's Sampler people are rummaging my clothes hamper. I'll let you know if they abscond with my toffee chip & molasses chew.

My wife informs me I cannot change my name to Pépé le Moko. "Ciao, charmed, we're Donna & Pépé le Moko Durrett." *sigh* ... class warfare...

Pretend it's 2010. I found this unused bit in my notes: "My dentist canceled all appointments. Tarballs in the spit sink."

Pepe Le Moko: The Criterion CollectionFrom Here to Eternity
My pal is about to watch FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953) for the first time. It's the gem in the canon of films with a guy named Fatso in it.

Item: "Waffle House Offers Reward for Bandits." But only if they're Scattered, Smothered, Covered, Chunked, Topped & Diced.

Item: "Australian researchers say 1 hour of TV takes 22 minutes off your life." So, they averaged in the suicides during THE NANNY?

My doctor says I'm too sedentary; I need to exercise. So, now, every time I type a colon, I do it with a curl and holler, "COWABUNGA!"

My haircut appointment has been confirmed. I'll bring everyone clippings for your lockets.

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For a Few Comments More

Continued From: "Big Weekend"

Atlanta's Plaza Theatre has been reviving the early Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns, commonly known as "The Man With No Name Trilogy," although Clint Eastwood plays guys named Joe, Monco, and Blondie in them.

So much for historical accuracy. I blame government schools.

I was able to catch the final two movies in the series, however I missed the first one. I had to work at the Fox Theatre that day. We showed "To Kill a Mockingbird" -- or, as I called it, "A Fistful of Boo."


Big Weekend

Big weekend, attending the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, where it occurred to me I am in my 50th year of watching movies inside this venue.

Oh, I occasionally go a decade or two between visits.


I got homework (elementary school, high school, college school, spouse).

But, that's cool, my darling.


The first movie I saw at the Plaza was back in 1962, on a Saturday afternoon. The latest, on Saturday evening.

From "The Ten Commandments" to "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," it's like we've got a theme going.



Continued From: "Big Weekend"

Morty and I are still hunting down those crafty birdies that chirp in our kitchen at the top of every hour, including Sundays and holidays and wrens, yet they are never seen.

I'm dealing with conceptualizations of the invisible. Morty's sorting through possibilities o' poltergeists.

We're not making much progress, but we're getting nowhere punctually.


Big Weekend




And Ed Sullivan.

Big weekend, overwhelmed by Jackie Evancho, live in concert with The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Jackie Evancho: "Nessun Dorma" From "PBS Great Performances" (2011) via YouTube

I turned to my wife and said, "Is this a prank?"

I have never heard or seen anyone like this beautiful child.


She is eleven.

Ten selections. Six prolonged standing ovations. I have witnessed no artist achieve a similar response in such a setting.

Jackie Evancho: "A Time for Us," Atlanta Symphony Hall, Aug. 5, 2011 via YouTube

The Nutty Professor (Special Edition)
When I was 11, I was schlepping around, wearing wax buck teeth and impersonating Professor Julius F. Kelp.



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Big Friday night, staying up late, scarfing Craisins.

Um, it appears one should not ask the wife if she's attending Crabfest at Red Lobster, even with elevating her prestige to keynote speaker..

I may throw in the towel on my dream to play Gretl in THE SOUND OF MUSIC. I might be too old. Now, I wrinkle to be Miss Marple.

In regards to my sideburns, I use the Side-Unguentine.

I have run out of puttering. Guess I must move to the next level of incompetent, mindlessly executed chores. The road to naps is cruel.

My weedwacker is ailing. I will be taking it to the weedwacker hospital. I think it's dehydrangeaed.

Congrats to friends Kimberly and Randy, who bought their first house today. Is our room ready? My lava lamp has shipped.

The best wife ever! Peanut brittle & clean T-shirts, all in 1 nite! And we snubbed (hid from) a maybe dead snake in our yard! Romantic, huh?

Oh, I see Diet Coke is on Twitter. Let's have a group fizz.

I weighed myself: 203.5 lbs. Then, ahem, relieved myself and was pleased about it. Weighed again immediately. Down to 204. I just can't win.

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Slackjaw Dumbstruck: The Ladybugs: 'I Saw Him Standing There'

The "Petticoat Junction" Girls as The Ladybugs: "I Saw Him Standing There" via "The Ed Sullivan Show" and YouTube

Source annotation:

Airdate March 22, 1964. The Ladybugs were Jeannine Riley, Pat Woodell and Linda Kaye Henning (from "Petticoat Junction") & Sheila James (formerly of "Dobie Gillis").


Thanks to Charlie Flashbacks.


Off the Wall

Saving Facebook: My Confessions: 

On Physical Attributes

Friend Becky
I voted for you in the "Best Looking" contest.

Thank you. I'm certain it's because I have better than 20-20 vision.

On the Fourth of July

Friend Peter
Happy 235, America! You look great for your age!

California is a bit pudgy.

On the Future

Friend Frank
I'm looking forward to "Super 8" but I doubt that it'll be as good as the British original, "9.5."

I'm still smarting from Motel 6.

On Brilliance

Friend Bill
Continue to be amazed at the number of people who speak---orally or otherwise---without having a clue.

Colonel Mustard in the study with a candlestick.

On Tricks

I have a brown cat and two black-and-whites. That's three, but no cat juggling for me. I have no orange cats. It's a rule to juggle oranges.

Friend Donna
I have an orange cat. She would not be amused if I juggled her though.

Try sawing her in half.

Or pull a rabbit out of your cat.


Big Weekend

Morty at the Movies with Morty the CatBig weekend with "Saturday Night at the Morty's." Our beloved puss chose the feature film flick, "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" (2010).

As my mother the movie critic said after nearly every picture she ever saw, "That was cute."

Morty said, "That was meow."

I dig (I put that in for you pups) the main title sequence, produced in the glorious design style of Maurice Binder from the early James Bond movies. Extra bonus: the song is voiced by Dame Shirley "Goldfinger" Bassey.

See the "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" credit sequence video and related materials at Forget the Film, Watch the Titles.


Separated at Birth: Buddy Hackett and...

Peter Griffin. 

Buddy Hackett: "Shipoopi" from "The Music Man" (1962) via YouTube

Peter Griffin: "Shipoopi" from "Family Guy" (2005) via YouTube
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