Big Weekend

Big weekend, attending the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, where it occurred to me I am in my 50th year of watching movies inside this venue.

Oh, I occasionally go a decade or two between visits.


I got homework (elementary school, high school, college school, spouse).

But, that's cool, my darling.


The first movie I saw at the Plaza was back in 1962, on a Saturday afternoon. The latest, on Saturday evening.

From "The Ten Commandments" to "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," it's like we've got a theme going.


John Medd said...


Tell me what happens in the Righteous Rooms next door!

John Medd

Mike Durrett said...

I am afraid to go in there. I may need a note from a parent or guardian.

I think it's an eatery. I'm left-handed, so I may never know.

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