Big Weekend

Big weekend, "Tangled." 

Afterwards, we got comb-outs and dished boys.


Thanksgiving Cartoon Carnival

"Jerky Turkey" (Tex Avery, 1945) via YouTube 

Daffy Duck in "Holiday for Drumsticks" (Arthur Davis, 1949) via YouTube 

Tom and Jerry in "The Mouse Comes to Dinner" (William Hanna & Josepth Barbera, 1945) via YouTube

Thanks to GoldenAgeCartoons.com



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My Recent Confessions and Observations on Twitter:

Saw America's favorite cowboys, Riders in the Sky, in concert. Afterwards, let's just say, cowgirl yodeling is no longer on my bucket list.

I gave up meat in 1989 and now I'm escalating to the next step. No more "This Little Piggy." I am whee-wheed out.

Headline: "Colin Farrell Front Runner To Star in TOTAL RECALL Remake." Gee, I'm not finished being totally unimpressed with the first one.

Again? I wrongly received the Senior Citizen movie ticket discount without asking for it. I don't know whether to be $3 richer or insulted.

Uh oh. My skinny jeans exploded! Watch out, New Zealand!! Hand me that towel, Donna....

I trimmed the hedges, but my wife didn't look to see my rippled muscles in action. All that muscle rippling for nothing. Nothing.

It's official. Less than one day after my 2nd cataract surgery, I can see 20/20 and my phantasms are RCA recording artists Homer and Jethro.

Eating half off Halloween candy ... Only half the calories...

Item: "Justin Bieber now has his own fragrance line." He seems like an OK chap, but I don't care to smell like McFlurrys & scorched hair.

I'm in a wedding this weekend. It's quite an honor, although I'm not certain of my duties. Something something The Flower Geezer.

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Double Feature Puppies: 'Useful Dog Tricks!' and 'Dog Vacation'

Morty at the Movies with Morty the CatMorty's still licking his wounds and nether regions after Tuesday's Animal Kingdom elections. Kitties took a drubbing, losing much of their cutest critters dominance. These negative campaign ads did not help.

Morty, by the way, has deleted all of the dogs off of his TiVo and will be embarking (Morty uses that word with deep sarcasm) on a two-year nap to regroup.

Malign Benign Canines 2012!

"Useful Dog Tricks! Performed by Jesse" via YouTube

"Dog Vacation" via YouTube

Thanks to Frank Thompson and Beth Harris Wilkie



Cat photos: Where's Morty?
Who says kids don't pick up bad habits from television?

Morty's been watching "The Flintstones" and I'm going to talk to him about it, just as soon as someone unlocks the door and I get back inside. DONNA!!!


Off the Wall

Saving Facebook: My Confessions: 

On the Elections: 

Friend Frank Thompson
Once again, as I've done each year since I got to voting age, I wrote in Ruth Buzzi for every single office. This year it's really gonna happen. I feel it!

It grieves me to find myself on the opposite end of the political spectrum from you, Frank. I shall continue to write in Tyrone F. Horneigh.

On Identity Theft:

Friend William
Good news - my identity was NOT stolen. Just a sloppy background check service problem.

Could I steal your identity? I'd really like to be taller.

On the Day After the World Series:

Friend Ray
Can't wait for the World Series to start!

Can't wait for gum that squirts!

On Television:

Yesterday, on THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM: Guest waitress Iris Adrian takes Don Wilson's order....

IRIS: What about you, Titanic?

DON: Aw, just bring me what I usually have.

IRIS: I can't. The fella who helps me carry it in is off today.

DON: Now, look, Miss, every time I come in here, you make remarks about my size. I'm sure you've seen somebody fatter than me.

IRIS: Yeah. But I had to buy a ticket.

On Nostalgia:

I have reached the point in my life where EVERYTHING is a 50th anniversary and I was there. "Psycho" and "The Bellboy" this summer. Next, the wonderful world of Bedrock, and in January: "One Hundred and One Dalmatians." It was the best time ever to be 8 (I didn't see "Psycho" until 14, but I recall the hoopla). Third grade ruled!

Oh, yeah, "La Dolce Vita." I remember inviting Anita Ekberg to Career Day. She ate my fish sticks in the cafetorium, but "Pollyanna" was more my speed. In those days, I thought of Hayley Mills as leggy.

On the Question:

Friend John
Do you have a fish called Wanda in your aquarium?

No. I have a cat called Fork.


Big Weekend

Big weekend, rejoicing I didn't die on the operating table during cataract surgery, because, when the nurse asked what pills I had taken, I chose not to mention the Gas-X.

Also, I Halloweened as Ray Milland, "The Man With the X-ray Eyes."

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