Top 10 Least Beloved Christmas TV Specials

10. "It's a Wonderful Pocket Lint"

9. "Santa Has a Hiatal Hernia, Charlie Brown"

8. "Deck the Halls With Brows of Holly Hunter"

7. "Silver Bells, It's Christmastime in R2D2's Pants"

6. "The Little Popeye's Chicken Drumstick Boy"

5. "Angels We Have Heard on Supermarket Radio"

4. "We Wish You a Marv Albert"

3. "I Saw Mommy Validating Santa's Parking"

2. "Rudolph the Red-Nose Hair Trimmer"

1. "Thumpetty Thump Thump, Thumpetty Thump Thump, Look at Frosty Go Poop"
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