Double Feature Kitties: 'Cop 'N Kitty' and 'Cop 'N Kitty 2: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang'

Morty at the Movies with Morty the CatTelevision programs are not commonly defined as motion pictures, although they are certainly such. So, when Morty refers to them as "movies," please give him some space. He's a cat and he doesn't get out much, mostly, as we've learned before, because he's boycotting Fake IMAX.

Today's Double Feature Kitties are from a new show Morty and I enjoy watching together. I get hard-bitten detective action and Morty gets hard-bitten sympathy fleas.

Jay Leno 'n Kitty as "Cop 'N Kitty." Next.

Watch: "Cop 'N Kitty: Pilot" via Hulu

Watch: "Cop 'N Kitty: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang" via Hulu
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