Big Weekend

My 3½ weeks on the crew of Atlanta's presentation of the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" concluded early Monday morning after the final show led to eight hours of striking the rental projection equipment for the ship out. Four of those hours involved heavy lifting and the other four involved heavy limping.

I also agreed to be fed twice. No Rockette agreed to pat me on the head and coo, "Poor baby."

The Fox Theatre's Production Manager told me I won the award for early exit. I left dozens of stagehands behind in my dust as they continued their massive 24-hour task to pack the sets, wardrobe, and technical apparatus onto anywhere between 17 and 22 huge trucks, depending to whom I talked.

Santa packed and flew his own sleigh. S'okay. He has a Teamsters card.

I knew the time had arrived for me to leave when the elf shoes were on the road to Dallas. They'll tinkle starting Thursday.

My new pals, the camels, donkey, and sheep, left after the curtain. They ate it and then clopped into a limo and sped away.

I heard a Rockette coo, "Poor ewe."
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