What Pie Flavor Are You?

I woke up wondering what pie flavor I am. I dropped everything to find the answer, including a tub of Cool Whip and a fresh berry onto my pillow.

My wife failed to leave a note alerting me as to my flavor and the Al Jazeera news was remarkably devoid of filling reportage, so I turned to a questionnaire I uncovered on the Internet. With expectations high and fork ready for action (although for what I don't know), I awaited the results.

What Pie Flavor Are You?

You are Key Lime Pie! Smooth, tangy... mellow!

Ooo, I am green with sticky! I'm "Key Lime Pie, smooth, tangy... mellow!"

On behalf of myself and my family, thank you. Key Lime is a distinct honor, however my favorite pie flavor is actually Crust.

Now, back to bed so I can wonder what kind of a la mode I am. I'm dreaming of drippy.
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