Christmas Memory 2009

100 Things About Me #175
Personal memories for this year's holiday season will be heavily infiltrated by my weeks spent on the crew of "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. The novelty of mingling each day with Santa Claus and his elves and the Rockettes would be hard to forget.

All of that is special to me, but the big pleasure was the chance to observe and visit the animal actors from the show. The four sheep and the donkey were cute, friendly, and professional, as were the pair of Arabian camels. They enhanced and brought warm life to the nativity scene.

One night, after completing my contribution to the sequence, I hurried from a nearby cubbyhole to the edge of a backstage wing to watch the birth of Christ finale. Logistical obstructions provided zero visibility of the proceedings and the dozens of participants. I was disappointed and turned to exit, when I noticed a singular face under a bright light.

The visage belonged to the camel wrapped in gold. She stood motionless and gazed towards the baby Jesus. Majestic, attentive, and at peace, she was an image I will never forget and an inspiration I need to remember.

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