Men Who Look Like Bea Arthur

Recently, I wrote about the "Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers" Web site, recommending its collection of photographs. Seems many gentlemen do indeed resemble the superstar crooner, including myself, if I were to wear a beard. Since I shave, I explained, "the problem is now I am one of those Men Who Look Like Bea Arthur."

Well, I received a surprising amount of email, including this one:

"Prove it, Chins."

Okay, I will, but let me preface my gallery of photographs with several comments.

1. I don't mean to startle anyone. Natural phenomenons do occur. Audible gasping is to be expected.

2. I adore Bea Arthur. She is a lovely woman and, for my money, one of our greatest comic actresses. Ms. Arthur walks hands in hands with Jack Benny and Jackie Gleason as the funniest, most reliable "reaction" comedians of all time.

3. Chins?

The pictorial evidence will be posted in small doses, presented piecemeal over the week by request of cardiac honchos and Anxiety Ward candy stripers. Public frenzy is, of course, their paramount concern. The phrase "code orange" was whispered. Someone else worried about Turtles Who Look Like Cher.

I have no regrets. If I'm destined to look like a celebrity, Bea Arthur is a fine honor. There are worse things than being lovely.

Bea ArthurMike Durrett

By the way, I'm on the right.

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