Even More Even More Additional Even More Even More Snaps: Shot

Continued From: "Even More Additional Even More Even More Snaps: Shot"

From: "Summer Job"

Caption: "Dunk Soup."

The water was way too hot. That's the last time I man the tank for a Cannibal charity.

From: "Which 'Napoleon Dynamite' Character Are You?"

Occasionally, I grow my beard to check on it, see how it's doing.

I'm startled at how much gray there is. I'd been told I have the follicles of a 20-year-old.

I really should scrub out that bathtub.

From: "Profile in Courage 2"

I never swim in the nude. I'm not much for shinny-dipping either.

Caption: "Mike wonders if he'll get into Heaven, since he can't even buy his way into this movie."

From: "'Come Back on the Third Day'"

I have a giant head. I've yet to find a ball cap large enough to fit my skull. I've gone as far as to consider a crown of thorns, but I would never know if I was wearing it stylishly backwards or not.

And you can forget finding one with an Angels logo on it.
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