Even More Additional Even More Even More Snaps: Shot

Continued From: "Additional Even More Even More Snaps: Shot"

Another teaser photograph from "Have Gut -- Will Travel or Go West, Young Man or Darth Vader, My Ass," an unfinished memoir.

Caption: "Mike and Donna in Utah looking for Osmonds."

Sundown at Arches National Park, a place a friend terms "America's Best Kept Secret."

By me mentioning it here, the secret is safe.

From: "My Night With Elvis: Kitten With a Dip"

Caption: "Mike Durrett, always the coolest, connects with the crowd."

These young people today are so out of touch with pop culture. Few recognized me as wearing my collar up like Elvis Presley.

I got called several "Igors," a "Quasimodo," and one brat insisted his mother "put the giant turtle in a cardboard box."

At least, she poked air holes in the lid with a pencil and the grass was clean.

There I'd be on my back, legs and arms flailing about, and those two would upright me every time. I was humiliated. It was enough to make me give up the breakdancing.

From: "100 Things About Me #30"

"Mike cracks a tattoo tale."

I started the fashionable tailbone tattoo craze and young women everywhere copycatted me. The artistic accessory became cheapened and is now ridiculed as a "tramp stamp."

I couldn't be a part of such tackiness. Maturity, taste, and dignity won the day, so I had the handsome inscription, "EXIT," removed from my backside and relocated to my winky.

Let's see the girls pull that trick.

Continued: "Even More Even More Additional Even More Even More Snaps: Shot"
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