Pet Food Snafus

I've learned of a deadly pet food scare, concerning meals with heavy gravy. There is a product recall for numerous items in cans and pouches. Here are the brands for dogs and cats.

I think our cats are safe. The boys are not fed the problematic heavy gravy dishes, although Morty is into gravy. I hope he's not dealing.

We've had to curb his intake. Gravy leads to freebasing giblets.

In general, Morty is a reckless eater. He inhales his food. He does not chew, so the chunks irritate his system and he barfs up slightly dented hot meals onto my shoes. And, frankly, that socks.

To stop the vomiting, we consulted with his physician and have introduced human baby food into Morty's diet. He's The Gerber Kitty.

Morty loves the soupy meats and so do my feet.
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