The Making of '100 Things About Me #107'

Continued From: "100 Things About Me #107," part of a thread beginning with "I Lost My Heart in a Drive-In Movie"

It's time for everyone's favorite snapshot crasher!

Where's Morty?
Mike Durrett, honorable Kitty Trustee to the Morty S. Tashman, Cat, Estate, explains:

"Three o'clock in the morning. The photo session took forever, thanks to You Know Who. I'm working alone to get the picture. I shoo Morty away. I position the camera and activate the 10-second timer.


"I run around the equipment, across the room, and hop over the sofa to pose all nice-nice.

"Huh? What happened?! Where's Morty?"

Continued: "Paper Loon"

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