The Making of 'I Lost My Heart in a Drive-In Movie'

I Lost My Heart in a Drive-in Movie from The Patsy with Jerry Lewis.Continued From: "I Lost My Heart in a Drive-In Movie"

It might be hard to believe, but there is commercial sheet music for this immortal melody, perfect for everyone's oratorio needs.

Grab some twang and get it sang.

Whenever I mention the romantic song from "The Patsy" in my confessions with the Monsignor, made ever so poignant because I'm not Catholic, and in my conversations with the Wendy's Frosty ladies nationwide, happy-talk-starved toll booth attendants, solitary wee-hour elevator passengers, or Shut-Ins Without Parts or the Need for a Working Hair Brush, I am bombarded by inquiries concerning the back-up singers.

In this clip, which begins behind the scenes at the recording session for "I Lost My Heart in a Drive-In Movie," we get to observe the all-girl trio harmonizing. Them some chicks.

Then, Stanley Belt is seen offstage at "Teenage Dance Time," warming up with his own private footwork, shortly before "mouthing the words" during his new record's television debut.

Continued: "The Patsy of the Rings"
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