Will You Enter and Drive-In, Please?

There's a new entertainment phenomenon called MobMov, short for Mobile Movie.

In cities across America, club members receive email notifications for the next event, usually held in dark, out of the way parking lots. At the specified time, a vehicle arrives equipped with a video projector, DVDs, and an FM transmitter. In a matter of minutes, the image is beamed at an unsuspecting wall and the show is underway via the power of an automobile battery. Meanwhile, the audience parks beneath the big screen, tuning their car radios to hear the soundtrack audio.

It's the ultimate definition of a drive-in theatre.

The only variation I've encountered to challenge it is inside the glass-enclosed observation car of an Amtrak train speeding through the starry Arizona desert, watching films on overhead monitors. That's how I saw "The Mask" and "Forrest Gump" years ago -- in a driving theatre.

I've considered a relatively inexpensive video projector to zoom and view outdoor movies from the yard, but our house is not suitable for a screen.

Thirty more pounds, I will be.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a great idea! I mean, the mobile movie thing, not the extra thirty pounds.

Mike Durrett said...

Then, maybe I'll just eat until I can show VistaVision. That's wide enough. CINERAMA stomach would be unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just put out some more food for the deer and when the bear arrives drape a sheet over him. He may be barely cinemascope size now, but by fall he should have full 3 projector Cinerama potential.

Mike Durrett said...

You must think I'd be crazy enough to do that, stick a sheet on the neighborhood bear. That's ridiculous.

He's usher material.

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