Buster Keaton: Rock Wrangler

Photograph of Buster Keaton seated. Buster Kea...Image via Wikipedia
The amazing, seemingly fearless physical comedian Buster Keaton was remembered on his birthday, Oct. 4. Some of his admirers, including me, corresponded on the occasion. Me:

Here is one of the most memorable and breathtaking stunt sequences I've seen. So risky as a film-maker's challenge, too. I could not believe the eyes on my first viewing of "Seven Chances."

I'm so glad I wasn't a grip on this picture.

Buster Keaton: "Seven Chances" (1925) Chase Scene via YouTube

Frank Thompson shared this clip ... and says, "Let's celebrate Buster's 116th birthday by showing this brilliant scene from "Seven Chances" in which he's chased by at least 116 rocks."

Thanks for counting.

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