Shovel-Ready Throb

Continued From: "Big Weekend," "Meanwhile...," and "It Sucks to Be Mikey

After forking over $600 to have our septic tank pumped, I discovered it was not enough money to get the dirt placed back into the hole.

Silly me.

"Okay, I'll do it," I told my wife. And she let me.

I figured I'd save another couple of hundred bucks and, at the same time, tone and glisten the exotic sinewy musculature we all call "Golly!"

My cats were chagrined I didn't cover up the box with my feet, but that would have meant getting onto all fours and violating my 30-year-old sacred oath: "No push-ups."

No. No. Nope. Too close to push-ups for comfort.

Besides, my godsons read these pages.

I'm faithful, young men! Church, more church!

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