Taste Test: Rice Krispies - The Cat in the Hat Recipe

I am a big fan of cereal. I eat a bowl with milk each morning, generally mixing three or four selections together. Today, it was oat bran, granola, cinnamon Life, and honey shredded wheat. Yum. I could eat cereal all day long. In the pantry, there are seldom less than a dozen boxes of crunchies waiting to festoon my spoon.

Mike poses with a test box of The Cat in the Hat Rice KrispiesWhen I heard March 2 was Dr. Seuss' centennial, I foraged through the raisin brans and Froot Loops to find the vintage Rice Krispies we purchased in November. They are special Snaps, Crackles, and Pops, teaming up with that darn The Cat in the Hat for toasted rice goodness and Universal / Dreamworks big movie plug schlockiness.

I'd been saving this box of R.K.'s, waiting for a perfect occasion, mostly the shelf expiration date, so I could throw it away.

Since childhood, I have loathed Dr. Seuss and every crappy, unfunny thing he stood for. His writing is the easiest, feeblest sort of drooled garbage and your kids must, I say, MUST be on drugs or sugar binges to tolerate him. Do an intervention, parents, GET YOUR KIDS OFF DRUGS AND SEUSS!

I digress. I love the Rice Krispies, always have. Well, I ain't fond of the Snaps, but Crackles rock!

Mike enters the box of cereal.So, I thought I'd break down and try The Cat in the Hat recipe in honor of the birthday bore -- and make needed room on my shelf for silly rabbity Trix. Okay, Mr. Funny Puss, Mr. Comedy Cat, you, here's your chance to make me laugh with your hilarious breakfast munchables.

I'll be impartial. I promise. I will be a sport and give The Cat in the Hat Rice Krispies a fair evaluation. In fact, I'm rooting for this cereal to be the rib-ticklingest food feast of my slurpin' 'n' chompin' career. Man, I'm almost purring.

Mike selects an especially robust Krispy.I sifted through the box for a puff in the shape of The Cat in the Hat. There were none to be found. I was cheated. I was misled. I'm really going to be miffed if these Rice Krispies aren't cat-flavored.

I chose a plump Krispy for the taste test. The little guy certainly looked amusing, and I savored its promise of spicy calico bobtail.

Mike reacts to his sad assessment.The Verdict: It don't taste funny. Or catty. Or chapeauy.

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