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Mike and his Tiggers read email.Noting the 1394 messages in the Inbox, my trusty Tigger slippers and I read email. These occasions are among my favorite parts of the cold weather season. Soon, it'll be much too warm. I'll hibernate the slippers, spending my summer with John Kerry flip-flops.

Filmmaker Randy Stewart comments on my schnoz snafu snapshot, from "Confessions of a Dangerous Mike." I've known Randy and his brother since they were babies.

One of my earliest memories of your home ... was when Dan & I were kids and spending the night. Apparently you had to be at work the next morning, but on your way out, you stuck your head in the guest bedroom, chapstick up the nose, asking if anybody had seen it laying around anywhere.

I guess some things never change...
Oh, ha ha ha. What a smart little boy your are! Yes, you are! A smart little boy.

A Bob Walker of Wichita, Kansas sends in this doozy. (All of a sudden, I'm TV's Hazel.) ...

Hey, Mike, thought you would like this bit from Bob and Tom [radio show]. They say "Passion of the Christ" is really accurate. ... I was troubled by one scene where you can see that guy with the rainbow afro and the John 3:16 sign.
True story: My mother-in-law broke a tooth during that movie. I told her she should have been in Cinema 2 watching "The Passion of the Crest."

She's still staring at me.

A Bob Walker of Wichita, Kansas (perhaps, the same one) types:

Do you know any "pop machine bits?" The only one I know is Mountain Dew is coming out with Diet Mountain Dew, no caffeine. ... It's called Mountain Don't.
Uh, um, I don't know any pop machine anecdotes, but I was once arrested for taking a bottlecap opener to Goober Pyle's hat.

That was after a far-out Fizzies Party bonging Bubbles.

Bubbles, what a nice little lass. Yes, she was. A nice little lass. We'd put four straws in a Nehi and snort 'til our nostrils flared come hither.

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