I'll Think Up a Title Later

I've been procrastinating again. I'm out of control. I'm even procrastinating about the procrastinating. I'm putting off putting off.

I simply have too many things I don't want to do, like the teeth examination. The clinic mailed another reminder. My dentist has a special: "Bring in your bleeding abscess, get a free Big Gulp!"

Okay, I'll make an appointment, but it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't lecture me.

"Michael, did you bring gums for everyone?"

Frankly, if it weren't for the spit sink, I'd stay home. I give a quart twice a year. Otherwise, the sewer mice have no place to swim before drool.

I guess I'm still miffed about my last check-up.

"How much for a Brite Smile?" I asked.

"Five hundred," said the dentist.

I flashed a twenty. He gave me a book of matches and wax lips.

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