Puss in Booth

My friends, Rich and Anna, are in the envious pursuit of a state-of-the-art home theater. He's shared photographs of the remodeling progress, emailing today that the speakers are wired and mounted with the 80" screen ready for installation, and, the, uh ... OH, NO! Rich writes:
But wait! Our projector port has been appropriated! The entire project is in jeopardy! Negations are underway, but this is really serious! Any suggestions?
Fluffy the Cat lounges in the projection booth porthole. Photo copyright 2004 Richard Greenhalgh.

Yipe! In my other career as a union projectionist, I've dealt with scabs, but this is explosive -- a scat!

Rich, I went to ask Morty, our resident mouser, what to do about your situation. He's asleep on the TV. There is great wisdom in his snooze....
Get a television.
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