More Snaps: Shot

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From: "P.P. and Me"

Caption: "Mike Durrett, personal pal of Pablo Picasso."

This is the painting Pablo made of me during my Red Period, which coincided with his famous Blue Period. We'd get together and drink the purple. Period.

Picasso was much more of a party person. I tried to paint the town red properly, but he'd go outside the lines.

Mike Durrett faces hair issues.From: "100 Things About Me #21"

Caption: "Mike Durrett faces hair issues."

Oh, I've seen worse. Antlers in my beard.

From: "Set Yourself Free! It's No Pants Day!" at About.com Humor

Caption: "Mike Durrett and his pointer, No Pants Day, 2004"

People see this photograph and they always have the same reaction: "Why?"

Whereas my reaction is more elaborate, "Why isn't that black-out bar larger?"

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