Skewer Mail

A Bob Walker of Wichita, Kansas, dear soul that he is, sends in this fan email:

"May Bob the Builder spackle your sister.''
To which, I respond:

''May Atticus Finch tequila your mockingbird.''
To which, a Bob Walker of Wichita, Kansas, heinous scuzzmug that he is, sends in this reply:

''May a mad cow dip its udder in your soup.''
To which, I respond:

''May Boo Radley boo-boo on your gazebo.''
To which, Walker replies:

''May Saddam Hussein drop your sister into his spiderhole.''
Timely material there, Bob, mentioning my sister who happens to be a boy and he never met Saddam to which, I respond:

"May Dill and Scout take turns waddling in your ham suit.''
To which, Bob responds:

''May Honk the Wonder Goose leave a runny deposit on your comb-over.''
To which, I respond:

"May I run out of Harper Lee references.''

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