Big Weekend

Big weekend, screening "Citizen Kane." A 70th anniversary 35mm showing of Orson Welles' landmark production was presented at the Fox in Atlanta.

While "Kane" is not my favorite movie ("Rear Window") due to this lanky lad's nifty tastes and adorable peccadilloes, it's near the top of the list -- yet, I do certainly recognize the enterprise as the greatest film ever made. I'm not alone in the assessment either. Vast numbers of critics, historians, and buffs around the globe have long agreed to the drama's supreme perch in the cinematic firmament.

"Citizen Kane" was also cartoonist Charles Schulz' favorite motion picture, viewing it time and time again. An unexpected mention immediately catapulted the following entry to my fave strip in the entire 50-year run of "Peanuts." Happiness is a Charles Foster Kane.

Spoiler Alert!

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