Disney Bites

Continued From: "Rats," part of a thread starting with "Cents and Sensibility."

Shopping for morsels for our Morty, we noticed Disney has devised another way to squeeze a buck. The company is marketing its own celebrities' endorsed pet chows.

Yum, That Darn Cat food to make kitties mischievous and Old Yeller dog cuisine to ensure a pup thrives until his excruciatingly emotional demise, I reckon.

Hey, Walt Vault, don't forget us humans!

How about Beauty and the Feasts, Seven Dwarfs Seven-Course Dinners (snack size, of course), Flavored Flubber (The Goo That Chews), Swiss Cheese Family Robinson, and Dumbo Gumbo?

Continued: "Whiffy Pop"
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