The Birds With the Golden 'Feet'

Weekend Box Office Estimates: Nov. 17-19, 2006
1. "Happy Feet" (Warner Bros.): $42.3 million - opening weekend
2. "Casino Royale" (Sony): $40.6 million - opening weekend
3. "Borat" (Fox): $14.4 million - 3 wk. total $90.5M
Source: Box Office Mojo

I was surprised penguins, cartoon penguins beat Bond, James Bond at the movies over the weekend. While 40 million dollars is a good take in general, it's lackluster for a vehicle producers were gambling to be The He-Only-Lives-Twice Second Coming.

The rule of thumb expectation going forward is diminished box office returns each week. I bet there is a lot of Maalox (guzzled not stirred) being consumed at Sony and the EON Productions offices today.

To be beaten by a kiddie flick seen by far more reduced-admission eyes has got to be the cold finger, especially during the current family film glut plaguing the movie industry.

Don't motion pictures still need to gross three times their initial costs to break even? "Casino Royale's" $250M production / marketing investment could take forever say forever to recoup.

Meanwhile, diamonds are for flippers.



Dr. Fong said...

... how is it that you don't have a book deal?

Mike Durrett said...


Very lonely.


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