Duck Feat

   Dramatic recreation with an actor duck.
   Thespian pups not budgeted.
We heard unusual splashing noises coming from our creek the other morning. Stepping outside onto the porch, I could see two big dogs, a German shepherd and a boxer, acting odd in the cold, rippling pool that collects where the water turns a sharp right to continue downstream.

The reason the animals had entered the creek became apparent when a duck paddled into view to assume refuge atop the deepest spot. The dogs circled the bird and barked, but were only willing to proceed a few yards into the frigid liquid to trap their prey. The duck wasn't overly concerned with the woofing brutes, but he wasn't eager to leave safety either.

A few minutes of canine sloshes and yelps passed until the dogs chose to hop out of the stream for a breather and synchronized body shakes. The duck took notice and beaked away.

"Look," Donna said, "he's making a run for it."

"I love you, my dear, and it grieves me to correct you," I expressed with remorse. "He's making a float for it."

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