Which James Bond Am I?

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You are Daniel Craig

The sixth actor to play Bond in the movies promises to be a more realistic, down to earth and not so perfect James Bond, while still being a sexy womanizer.

Daniel Craig?

Here I was being "realistic," thinking I'm Jimmy Bond (Woody Allen, "Casino Royale," 1967). We dress alike (pajamas with snappy brown shoes) and, let me put on my glasses, you're not supposed to hit a guy wearing glasses.

Yes, I am "down to earth." It's the extra 50 pounds of Goo Goo Cluster goo. I can hardly pick up my feet off the planet.

I admit I'm "not so perfect," but I compensate with the abundance of factory-seconds dimples.

Me, a "sexy womanizer?" This could cost me a fortune in tux ties and Tic Tacs.

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