2001: A Spaced Kitty

I've been sharing my love of movies with Morty. He's surprisingly attentive for a cat, watching from the warmth of my lap.

Saturday, we viewed Carroll Ballard's buried treasure, "Duma," the excellent cheetah adventure, and Morty liked that one a lot, but he was wowed by Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" even more.

Morty scurried over to the television for a closer look. He was fascinated with the epic's opening prehistoric sequence, yet he lost interest when things turned to science fiction.

He takes after me. Special effects are so over.

Film historian Frank Thompson, who keeps up on important cinematic matters, writes:

"Did he throw his catnip mouse into the air in slow motion?"

Nope, as you can see, Morty had lost interest by that point of the movie.

No meat left on the bone.

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