Psssst... Hush Hush Sneak Peek Video

Shhh... It's a big secret. That's why I'm posting this on the Internet to tell you.

I'm making my first video especially for nothing. I mean, for computer viewing, coming soon, maybe sooner.

I've found my return to the front of the camera to be a touch bittersweet, following the gala Twinkies Film Festival I was a part of awhile back in, yes, that HOLLYWOOD!

You all know Twinkies. Thanks for remembering.

So, although dealing with the hot lights, lazy crew, and temperamental, prima donna cast is the sacrifice I must make for my art -- and, of course, you, and, yes, that HOLLYWOOD! -- I've truly missed the buffets.

I, however, have managed to obtain a copy of the production's coming attractions prevue, yet to hit theatres and Fake IMAXes nationwide. I share it with you here -- and, no, it is not my first video for the Web, regardless of the fact the first video isn't finished.

I need dabbing.

"The Final Glass of Milk: Original Theatrical Trailer" via YouTube

Now Playing: "My First Video Webisode: The Final Glass of Milk"
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