More High School Highs

Continued From: "High School Highs"

Actual Adulation Out of the Annotated Pages of My Senior Class Yearbook

John O. charms:
"This year was mucho (Spanish!!!) fun, cutting each other to shreds."

Susan, obviously in love:

"Despite your strange tendencies, you're not such a bad fellow. Maybe in a few years you'll be almost normal."

Another sunbeam:

"Durrett, it certainly has been an honor participating in the extra-curricular activities of the back corner of the room. Coach Rakestraw may have changed for the worse due to you, but I don't care. ... I also appreciate your respect for the office of Mayor and your sympathy for the problems of the office, especially concerning those rotten, gosh-awful CLOCK People.

"I thank you,

"H.R. Pufnstuf"

Tom gushes:

"You are a pretty good guy, but you wouldn't know it talking to you.

"...And I hope you will not miss me rubbing my stomach next year."

Dale R., benefactor:

"P.S. I just thought you might like a P.S."
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