Trailer Reel

Here are the big screen trailers of several movies recently referred to on these pages. For the full theatrical ambiance, be sure to watch them in a dark, dank, musty room with a sticky floor.

Oh, and turn off your cell phone.

From: "What a Way to Beau"

"What a Way to Go!" (1964) via YouTube

Dig the champagne glass.

From: "'A Hard Day's' Plight"

"A Hard Day's Night" (1964) Reissue Trailer via YouTube

Love the clanger, mate -- and get a haircut.

From: "'How the West Was' Run"

"How the West Was Won" (1962) via YouTube

An early edit without the famous "How the West Was Won" theme music or, curiously, any hyperbole devoted to the humongous CINERAMA deep-curve screen and 35 feet high Debbie Reynolds' gams.

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