More More High School Highs

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Actual Adulation Out of the Annotated Pages of My Senior Class Yearbook

Davis flatters:
"Sometimes I'm not sure you have a brain, but outside of that you're a real cool guy."

A.K. lists the accomplishments:

"Well, there was the time he came running up and said, 'Listen to my first song. ... I-I-I was a teenage infant, baby...'

"And then there was the time he slapped me on the back and said, 'All hands on the rabbit!'

"And then there was the time he gave me a guided tour of Emory Cinema's toilet..."

I, uh, and, um, you see, I was the theatre's concierge / pointer.

Group rates. Bus drivers eat Necco Wafers free.

And, perhaps, the most touching and tender tribute to me would have to be the armpit faces Stanley S. drew on the wrestling team:

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