Have Gut — Will Travel
Go West, Young Mike
Darth Vader, My Ass

Mike Durrett in Monument Valley. Photo copyright 2003-2004 Mike Durrett, all rights reserved.

Monument Valley at sundown. Mike at speechless.

Chapter 1

HOME, GA -- For me, the whole trip would have been worth it for this photograph, yet we experienced bountiful more, hurtling through a magnific country, both contemporary and timeless, man-made and Master's peace.

Share a Durrett Family Treasury in this special vacation photo pack, commemorating 13 days and 4,638 miles by van (plus 25 miles of accomplished hiking, sailing, and beast o' burden butt bouncing).

It's another of Donna's and my little sightseeing excursions, surpassing our last such sojourn which totaled a mere 4,409 miles, but condensed to much less than our personal best of 6,100 miles, give or take a Stuckey's.

With our travels planned for several years and revised on the spur of a cactus, we returned to our most cherished destinations: Monument Valley, Arches and Grand Canyon National Parks, and a few new discoveries and legends along the path.

At last, after around-the-clock, around-the-sun sorcery at drugstore photo labs throughout the mainland States and suburban Reykjavik, our reams of snapshot prints have been returned for perusal amidst friends and trail mix.

Join us in the entries ahead, CONFIDENTIAL, of course, on our trek through the awe of the American southwest, the greatest earth on show.

Prologue: Several images from the journey previously appeared in these pages. They are, coincidentally, the first two snapshots in the sequence of events.

Photo #1: This Little Mikey Went to the Market -- Why does everything go on sale when we leave town? I dunno, but here's an early morning street scene six miles from home.

Photo #2: A heavenly roadside attraction of note, alongside the Texas highway: A Few Cross Words.

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Photos ©1998, 2003-2004 Mike Durrett. All rights reserved.

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