Taste Test: Kellogg's Disney Chocolate Mud & Bugs

At our house, if there's one thing we've enjoyed during the past decade, it's "The Lion King." We saw the instant animated classic several times during the original release. Later, we purchased a copy of the movie, only to return again to the cinema to be bathed in the large screen IMAX presentation.

We even paid top dollar to see the overblown Broadway stage version. I distinctly recall speaking to my wife during the first act, "You know, there's a perfectly good movie of this." Well, what else can I say? Those Disney suits are legendary. They will market anything.

And that brings us to an all-new potential necessity in life, Kellogg's Disney Chocolate Mud & Bugs, as the package screams, "Naturally Sweetened Cereal with Bug-shaped Marshmallows."

What boy wouldn't love to eat Mud & Bugs? Especially when the box is endorsed by "The Lion King's" "Timon, everyone's favorite motor-mouthed meerkat, and his warm-hearted warthog pal, Pumbaa, [who] search the African forest for the yummy bugs, grubs, and beetles that tickle their taste buds!"

If those two zany jokesters endorse a breakfast, I'm in. Look at 'em smile. This stuff must be seasoned in chuckles and ever so hilarious to savor!

To get started, I read the instructions printed on the side panel. Once again, school paid off....

"Dig in, Kids! Pour cold milk over a bowl of Kellogg's Disney Chocolate Mud & Bugs cereal and stir up a cool mud hole that tastes a lot like chocolate milk! Then, have fun spoonin' up colorful marshmallow bugs floating around crunchy, rock-shaped cereal chunks."

Golly! I am convinced Mud & Bugs' "crunchy, munchy, squeezy, slimy, creepy, crawly critters," plus moo goo, will create the most giggle-filled wake-up feast ever!

I love to laugh -- and that's a big mouthful from a guy who also loves to live! Let's do it.

The Taste Test:

The Verdict: It don't taste funny.

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