Big Day for Optic Nerve

The All-Agog, Eye-Bulging Sequel to "Big Day for a Little Squirt"

I went to my eye doctor's office and left a Murine sample.

They hadn't asked for one.

Just another prevention act of blindness.

I looked super, too, in my costume. Men and women can't take their eyes off me. I must be bifocal.

I'm Bifocal-Man.

It's the latest thing, my costume, Spandex without the redness.

It comes with an X-ray vision mask, but I only use that if I can't remember if I changed my underwear.

I said, "Where would you like the Murine? Does it look better here? Or here? ... Over here? Or here? ... Here? ... Or here?"

There were plenty of tears all around. The bottle cap was leaky. So, I made my hasty exit.

I followed 20/20 hindsight back to the car.

The Bookmobile.

Donna was impressed. She's perfect as my sidekick, Cataractwoman.

"Oops! Forgot something," I said, making a swift U-turn. --Well, I think it was a U-turn. Though, it might've been a C-turn, or an L. When I squint, it looked like a U-turn. I'll say U.

I raced through the parking lot with my head out the window, mouth open for tongue tan. I not only like to see good, I like to look good.

In a blink, I was inside the optometry center, questioning Doc.

"May I use your restroom?"

"Number one? Or number two? ... One? ... Or two? ... One? ... Two?"

Bottom Line: P E Z O L C F T D

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