With a Wrong Near My Heart

Tuesday night, we watched "With a Song in My Heart," 20th Century-Fox's 1952 hit about the famous American singer Jane Froman.

I had been amazed to uncover a recent report that star Susan Hayward's breast pops out of her dress during a glamorous musical sequence. I'd seen the movie years ago on TV, but certainly had no recollection of such a blooper.

Why would I care about a mammary and clothes? I was eight. I had Milk Duds.

Well, let me interrupt my being aghast to announce the alleged snafu is absolutely true. I have rubbernecked Susan Hayward's nipple and the greater metropolitan areola.

"DVD Savant" adds:

"...In the film's one big dance number, Hayward's partner (Richard Allan?) apparently stepped on her gown, tugging it down and exposing her left breast for a good second....

"Hayward must have known; as she spins we can see her holding her partner closer, on purpose. Did she not tell anyone, and the 'whoops' camera take ended up as the only good one? I think that even on a little Moviola screen editor Watson Webb would have noticed the nipple. Did the movie go out this way and nobody noticed? On a big screen this must have looked like a 3rd row view at Minsky's. Or did nobody spot it? Were audiences back then so numbed by sanitized entertainment that such a thing could slip by?..."

No comment about the you know is found in the DVD's supplementary materials, yet much praise is made of how this motion picture is an exceptional Hollywood biography, accurately chronicling the real events, enhanced by Susan Hayward's spot on mimicry.

Hmmm. Perhaps Jane Froman had a breast pop out?
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