Popeye New Year

We spent the final minutes of 2007 watching classic Popeye the Sailor cartoons from the Max and Dave Fleischer catalog, including this one, "A Dream Walking," based on Bing Crosby's popular song, "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?"

Popeye and Bluto risk their lives to save leggy somnambulist Olive Oyl in an amazing, perfectly constructed seven-minute film.

1934 was a fine time for animation and lovers and a moonlight stroll.

Can't see the video? Try here.

I can sympathize with poor Olive's snooze hikes. I am an eat-walker, which can be very dangerous, too. I could stumble and flatten a muffin, become strangled on the egg foo yung bib, or get impaled on my frosting spatula and lemon zester.

And when there is such an accident, I never know what to tip the waiter.
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