Of Mice and Menagerie

Oh, What a Beastly Morning
In a single 10-minute period on one remarkable forenoon:

I freed a rodent on my way to the county dump. ("The Cat in the Hut and a Mouse in the House")

Moments later, I spotted a rooster loitering in the center of the street. ("Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?")

Shortly thereafter, I tossed my garbage bag up into the gigantic trash compactor.

"MEEOWWWWRR!!" squealed a scaredy blur as it jumped into the air and hurdled out of the dumpster, hitting the ground running.

I choked on my Pep-O-Mint and the lost hope of seeing another day.

"What the heck was that?" I yelped, rocketing skyward, my fall broken by a deft catch in the arms of the landfill overlord.

"You mean that cat?" he said. "Or your invitation to a kiss?"

I was a squealy scaredy blur!

Back home in a bolt!


Constructing a slapdash safe room out of bundling boards!

Finished in seconds, I locked myself in, under the bed, in my security jammies, wondering about feeding time here in the zoo.
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