Gifts Senior Moment Santa Forgot to Bring Me: Mr. Yummy Critter Goo

I've been carrying this snapshot of Mr. Yummy Critter Goo (with lemon!) in my wallet since Halloween. It's also taped to my Dream Mirror and my Lucky Plain Jane Donut.

First, the Great Pumpkin failed to bring me Mr. Yummy Critter Goo, followed by that heartbreaking Santa Claus. How many laps do I have to lower myself?

I'm looking forward and maintaining a stiff upper mustache-free lip, putting my hopes and longings on Punxsutawney Phil gifting me some Mr. Yummy, Groundhog Day.

Then, Cupid on Valentine's, or Dakota Fanning (Feb. 23).

If they flop, I guess I'll be buying goo or making my own.

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