Ranch Dressing

Have Gut — Will Travel or Go West, Young Mike or Darth Vader, My Ass
Chapter 6

The OK Corral set at Mescal. Photo copyright 2003-2004 Mike Durrett, all rights reserved.MESCAL, AZ -- We resumed the sightseeing with me leading the charge to the centerpiece for the famous gunfight, as seen in "Tombstone," The OK Corral.

Not to be negative, but "OK"?

I don't think so. That's a stretch. The more appropriate name would be The Feigning Adequacy Corral.

Oddly enough, in the reverse view, back here where I'm standing, The reverse view of The OK Corral. Photo copyright 2003-2004 Donna Durrett, all rights reserved.it's known as The KO Corral.

In addition to the reproduction of the legendary shootout of 1881, another important moment was captured by a camera on this spot. Look closely, I do believe this day was the very last time I ever tucked a T-shirt into my pants.

I'm a slave to the fashionistas. I admit it.

I've been eyeing one of those Jethro Clampett rope belts. Mmmm, gee, I dunno, maybe. Christmas is coming. We'll see.

Nevertheless, ever since, my extra-large tees and polo tops flow loosely, allowing me comfort and contemporary styling. I can also permit myself to be seen in profile, as the slimming effect is amazing.

Children no longer run to mommy claiming the mean old man poked their wittle eyes out with his stomach. I look sharp and legal fees are nil.

Ed of hair. Photo copyright 2003-2004 Donna Durrett, all rights reserved.I'm also sporting my first zany hairdo of the trip. Collect the whole series. I call this one "Ed Grimley: The Senility Years," I must say.

There's more to gaze on this 60 acre tract, but all I know is it's hot and I'm parched. My kingdom for a Slearpee.

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OK Corral photo copyright ©2003-2004 Mike Durrett; photo with Mike copyright ©2003-2004 Donna Durrett. All rights reserved.

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