W.C. Fields as 'The Pharmacist'

W.C. Fields: 6 Short Films (The Criterion Collection) Spine #79)
I'm amusing my way through the robust W.C. Fields festival at the Film Forum in New York, only I'm following along here at the love nest. We're equipped with a state-of-the-art lap cat and surround purr.

"The Pharmacist" is one of the short subjects Fields wrote and starred in for comedy legend Max Sennett. It also happens to be the first 16mm sound film I purchased for my collection during senior year of high school. In those ancient times before home video, the only way I could see obscure W.C.'s was to buy them from a magical underground of fans and/or vendors. I was thrilled to get the used print. I paid $16, concurrently pricey and a bargain.

I wish I had also received the attractive door prize the pharmacist bestows on each customer.

W.C. Fields: "The Pharmacist" (1933) via Internet Archive

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