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I've enjoyed "The Trouble With Harry," Alfred Hitchcock's droll dark comedy, three or four times over the years. Whenever I think of it, the first image to pop into my head is always the same, focused on the film's most remarkable couple. Yesterday's recollection was no different and I was moved to share this thought on Twitter:

Is there more perfect, adorable casting than Shirley MacLaine & Jerry Mathers as mother & son in Hitchcock's THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (1955)?

Leave it to Twitter. It wasn't long until I discovered this surprising reply by one of my childhood heroes:

From @TheJerryMathers:
@MikeDurrett - It was Shirley's first film and I'm introducing it at the @TCM Classic Film Festival (April 28-May1)!

My turn:

How great to hear from @TheJerryMathers re: THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (1955). Wish I could be with you @TCM FF. You're swell in this, age 6?

I'll never wash my computer again!

"The Trouble With Harry" Original Theatrical Trailer via YouTube
Narrated by Frank Nelson and Art Gilmore

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