Double Feature Kitties: 'Bathing in a Bucket' and 'Sad Cat'

I left the home office for a few minutes to go exercise my right to not exercise or even give it-- give something a thought. That's when I heard Morty at the desk, sniffling uncontrollably while he burrowed through my delightfully decorative cardboard box of tissues.

Morty at the Movies with Morty the CatHe allowed me to peruse the computer's Website history. "Bathing in a Bucket" and "Sad Cat" videos were itemized after my most recently visited dotcom, "BBFC: Big Breasted Fried Chicken, There's One Near You, No Smirking, Mike." Morty's entire eight pounds of curiosity had been watching these motion pictures.

I can read him like a cat. His current paragraph, tense in the first feline present, cries of "absolutely the saddest movies ever made."

Morty has requested that any spooky and disturbing shower scenes be excised -- which is not like exercise. I should know, winded now.

"Bathing in a Bucket" via YouTube

"Sad Cat" via YouTube

Nice Yoda.

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